Pair It With Sneakers

By Julie Simpson

In case you have missed the shift in trends, sneakers are not just for the gym anymore. While first used as athletic wear, sneakers have evolved to become another new expression of style. These days, you can find women wearing sneakers with dresses for a casual look, or even celebrities wearing sneakers on the red carpet! 

Whatever occasion you are dressing up for, we can show you how to successfully pair your clothes with sneakers. Are you stuck trying to match your favorite palazzo pant or dress with the proper shoe? If so, below are a few of our favorite summer trends, that we have paired perfectly for you! What are you waiting for? Let’s get started! 

1/ SIMPLE (see first image above on the left)

When styling Suzanne Betro with sneakers –  make a statement and show off both! If you have a great pair of sneakers, don’t hide them. Showcase your sneakers by rolling up your pant leg and exposing your ankle. Don’t worry, cuffs and cropped skinny jeans pants are still in fashion this summer.

2/ WEEKEND (see 2nd image above from the left)

This ensemble of a draping shirt and palazzo pants is very on trend right now. Suzanne Betro loves to pair these pants with a pair of low sneakers. The sneakers do not overpower the billowy movement of the pants that provide a feminine silhouette of the hips and thighs. 

3/ SIMPLE (see 3rd image above from the left)

Both casual and chic, pair these camo capris with your favorite sneakers, and you will be running errands in style!  

4/SIMPLE (see 4th image above from the left)

A solid color dress with flirty side cuts that is both attractive and fashionable? Yes, please! We all need a piece like this in our wardrobe to be stylish, chic, and comfortable. 

5/ LUUKSE (see image above)

How adorable is this dress? The simple lines of this dress and splash of color around the chest make this the perfect casual dress to pair with sneakers. The dress ends just above the knee for a fun, flirty cut that proves pairing dresses with sneakers can work!  

6/ LUUKSE (see image above)

This adorable striped shirt pairs very well with cut off jean shorts and white sneakers. Don’t have white sneakers? Don’t fret! Any style of sneaker would compliment this look from a high or low top sneaker to a slide on clog or sporty runner!

7/ LUUKSE (see image above)

The Luukse brand is all about both comfort and style. This outfit has both, as we pair a fun shirt with an on-trend pair of ripped denim jeans. Don’t forget that this look wouldn’t be complete without a fresh pair of white kicks or patterned sneakers!

8/ SIMPLE (see image above)

Look comfortable and fashionable in this relaxed matching tracksuit with a clean pair of white sneakers. The pink color of this ensemble keeps it both fresh and flirty.

At Suzanne Betro, we have found so many opportunities to pair our clothes with sneakers. Our new line, Luukse, is screaming to be kicked off and what a better way to do that than with a set of crisp sneakers? That’s exactly what we thought too, and we can’t wait to show you the rest of the Luukse summer collection and how so many of the Suzanne Betro styles look great paired with sneakers! 

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