Perfect outfits for travel

By Julie Simpson

The end of the year is a time of travel for many. Whether it’s a visit to the family home or a much-needed end of year vacation, we are here to give you the low-down on what to wear on a plane so you are can travel in both comfort and style.

If you are someone who spends the night or days before a trip agonizing over the perfect in-flight outfit – then we have the ideal solution for your travel wardrobe anxiety. At Suzanne Betro, we have styles for all ages, from t-shirts to blouses, to layering pieces and pants that will keep you comfortable no matter where you are traveling this year.

Layer It On For Comfort

When you travel, we recommend you pick comfortable layering clothes that won’t slow you down in the airport or are extremely restricting mid-flight. Plus, comfortable garments that can be layered on your body mean fewer articles of clothing that you need to pack in your luggage. Not to mention, extra layers can always be rolled up to make comfortable makeshift pillows during flight.

No matter what Suzanne Betro style you pick, every garment you wear on your travel days should be both functional and comfortable. Read on to see a few favorites we promise will get you to your destination – without any travel delays!

Style 1: The Comfy Layer
When you choose what to wear on long haul flights, you need to be aware of the changes in temperature. Many flights often involve long hours of sitting in one spot in an airplane cabin. During that time, the temperatures are known to fluctuate from sweltering to frigid. A long cardigan or pullover like this adorable Suzanne Betro grey and a black knit hoodie with built-in thumb holes is not only fashionable but will keep your hands and palms warm during any of those less than favorable freezing flights!

Style 2: A Warm Poncho

We love this poncho wrap. Not only is it adorable in its simplicity, but it is also the perfect layering item for your next travel day. Layer it over your tshirt or long sleeve shirt for the perfect companion to any pair of joggers or lounge pants. The amount of fabric in this poncho can often take up a decent amount of room in your suitcase. That is why we suggest you use this layering fashion for your in-flight look. Not only will you have a warm, drapey blanket for your flight, but when you land, you will also have an adorable neutral piece to pair with the rest of your wardrobe.

Style 3: A Versatile Outer Layer

Depending on the time of year and your destination, you will always want to have a versatile outer layer. Look for something in a neutral color and a lightweight fabric. This adorable open-front cardigan can transition from day to night and will be able to match almost every outfit if you need that extra warmth. Available in sizes s to 4x, the cardigan sweater can complement skinny jeans, leggings, or even keep you warm over your favorite casual dress.

Style 4: Comfortable Lounge wear 

While we do love a good pair of skinny jeans, we recommend you leave them off your travel wardrobe list. For traveling, opt for less restrictive garments like this matching lounge wear outfit. This top and the bottom combo is not skin-tight and comes in a very soft fabric that will offer both comfort and fashion as you navigate through your travel day.

Style 5: The Fashionista

Just because you are flying doesn’t mean you need to forget your fashion completely! While we know that finding flight clothes focuses a lot on function and comfort – you should also try to keep some style in mind. This Suzanne Betro cardigan looks like a smart jacket and is both comfortable – and fashionable for your next flight. After all, they say that well-dressed passengers are more likely to be selected for upgrades. If you do decide to pair this look with jeans, make sure they are the kind that has a little stretch and can withstand the long haul flights.

Complete Your Travel Look 

When you shop Suzanne Betro, you have a wide range of comfortable plus size layering options for travel. While we offer a style for all ages, we also know that our fashions pair amazingly well with any sneakers, flats, or heels. One last word of advice – make sure you don’t forget to choose your foot apparel wisely. Remember that your feet tend to swell during long-haul flights, and you should wear a pair of shoes that are comfortable and give your feet room to breathe. 

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