The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Clothes Shopping

By Julie Simpson

The advent of the internet and eCommerce websites have made it possible for anyone to buy clothing online. Today, there is no reason you need to journey to a physical store as many online retailers have made the digital online shopping experience incredibly simple. If you have not done any online clothes shopping and are ready to explore all of the options available at the click of the button – follow our list of do’s and don’ts to make the best out of your shopping experience!

DO: Measure Yourself

Clothing companies vary wildly in sizes. You may not wear the same size pants or shirts at Suzanne Betro that you would wear at other brands. Before you buy any new brand online, make the best-informed decision you can and measure yourself. Most stores have a size chart on their website with instructions or a video on how you should measure your body for the right fit. Also, if you are new to the brand, don’t be tempted to purchase multiple items. Try one item first. If you like the quality and fit, you can be confident to make more purchases, knowing the clothes will fit;   minimizing your potential returns and resulting in a better online clothes shopping experience.

DON’T: Buy It Because It’s On Sale

The world of online shopping can be overwhelming with the number of sales and promotions served to you every day. Your inbox could be filled with coupons and deals, and your internet browser and social media sites are littered with advertisements and exclusive offers. Do not fall into the trap of purchasing items just because they look like a deal! Always be mindful of your purchases and don’t fall into a pattern of buying just because things look like a deal. Smart shoppers enhance their closet instead of clutter it. 

DO: Familiarize Yourself With A Variety Of Materials And Cuts

When you order your pieces, make sure you educate yourself first, so you will be happy with the item arriving at your door. 

At Suzanne Betro, our clothing sizes range from small to 4x and are offered in an array of cuts, cuts, colors, and materials. We have a wide range of material: denim, lace, eyelet, faux fur and cotton all with different detail and hue, depending on the “occasion” you are shopping for. Before you purchase any item, explore the material and fit of the item before you buy it. Some materials like rayon will have more stretch and some material like lace would be more fitted. So do consider your lifestyle. For example, you may love that silk blouse, but it wouldn’t be practical to wear to an outdoor soccer game in the winter. When purchasing clothes as a gift for friends, be sure to select clothes items that are more versatile for different body types. For example a dress with empire cut would be more forgiving whereas a tight lace dress would be more exact in cut. Also, bear in mind that certain material like cotton, rayon or nylon are more practical and durable. You can just toss them in the wash while wool, silk, and cashmere will require extra care.

DON’T: Forget To Read The Small Print 

With so many lovely products and styles on the Suzanne Betro website, it can often be intimidating on where to start. A piece that you see on a product page might sing to you, but you may still be unsure how it will look when it comes home. One of the cons of online shopping is having to wait for the clothes to arrive on your doorstep before you can try them out! Some companies can send you your styles overnight, while others may take weeks to arrive. 

Before you purchase from any company, read the shipping and return information to verify how long your items will take and if you have to pay to return. Even if you love the piece you ordered, there is always a chance that you try it on, and the sizing is off, or the color doesn’t work. If you want a piece from a particular brand and are willing to wait longer or pay fees – that is okay! Just make sure you are aware of the timeline and any fees before you purchase, so there are no surprises during your shopping journey.

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