2021 Spring Dress Trends

By Julie Simpson

With a challenging 2020 behind us, this spring holds the hope to explore new horizons and perhaps get a change of scenery. With this new year brightening up our days and warming our hearts – we feel it’s time to move into brighter colors, lace, floral and greet this new year with a “spring” in our step. The casual style is still trending, and at Suzanne Betro, we have embraced this trend and incorporated it into our beautiful dresses for the spring. 

Floral Dresses

A standard staple that makes us think of the spring, floral dresses will always be on-trend during this time of year. Our dresses improve upon the timelessness of floral design by adding in modern accents and trendy silhouettes. This floral dress has a beautiful modern pattern that hits all the spring floral markers – without being stuffy or outdated. If you are not ready to bear your arms just yet, Suzanne Betro has many comfortable long sleeve dresses like this blue floral dress.   

Delicate Lace Touches 

Be bold and sexy with delicate lace touches this spring. Lace accents have a way of showcasing our greatest assets while also remaining beautiful and feminine. Spring is certainly a time for lace and pastels. This dainty drop waist dress with eyelet details will certainly turn heads as its bright spring color and details will complement any woman lucky enough to wear it. If you want something less formal, this yellow dress with lace accent will enable you to add a touch of lace in your everyday style. 

Color Me Beautiful 

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and go bold with color this spring. A beautiful pop of color can change your entire look – and even your attitude. Stick with colors that work well with your skin tone and if you are hesitant, start small. Working in a single shade of color like this coral dress, or going with something bright and vibrant and full of various shades like this dress, can be precisely what your spring wardrobe needs to freshen for 2021.

Vacation Comforts

If you are setting your sights on a warmer climate this spring for a vacation, it’s time to update that wardrobe for some fun in the sun. A vacation wardrobe needs to be as fun and exciting as your vacation itself, and you can meet those criteria with any number of our Suzanne Betro dresses. For the warmer vacation trip – check out breezy shift dress with bell sleeves and cutout details or this vibrant geometric print shift dress with ruffles will be the perfect fit for your next Insta shot.   

Bring Back Date Nights

While not completely gone, many of our date nights have gotten lost in the shuffle of 2020. This spring, let’s bring back your date nights by starting with some beautiful – and sexy – dress options. Just because we are casual doesn’t mean you can’t feel beautiful for your next night out. Try this maxi dress (coming soon on Suzanne Betro)  with its stunning combination of jewel-toned colors, or go with something a bit more form-fitting, like this dress that would be perfectly styled with pumps and a jacket to ward off spring’s chill. 

Easter Dress Style 

Searching for the perfect Easter dress can be a challenge. Luckily, our Suzanne Betro styles are perfect for this spring holiday, and we have many options for you to choose from. This Easter, we recommend you pick one of our vintage-inspired dresses like this pastel purple dress. Easter can still be a little chilly so we’ve picked a long sleeve midi dress with romantic floral print that will keep you comfy and elegant  in any outdoor Sunday brunch. 

Elevate your Everyday Style

It may be harder to go out and celebrate Valentines this year but we could always welcome some romance into our everyday life. Do not underestimate the ‘feel good’ factor and this can be added into your lifestyle in easy ways. From the sight and scent of  a fresh bouquet of flowers in your living area to the tactile feel of sateen sheets on your bed or even a feel good song in the morning.  Think of adding a few ‘mood lifters’ that might just do the trick to take you from feeling blah to feeling good. 

When it comes to your wardrobe, there are a few key ways you can elevate your mood and  style. 

Spring Color

Color plays an important part in lifting your mood. Why not try a new color this month?   

Ditch the drab colors and bring on some lively hue. How about Sunshine yellow, as worn by American poet Amanda Gorman at the 2021 inauguration. Green is trending well this season as well and Suzanne Betro has many shades of green to choose from, like this light green weekend sweater or this subtle sage cape sleeve blouson top

Touch of Lace 

Tis the season for romance and period dramas. Lace brings to mind elegance and style of a bygone age. The good news is we don’t have to contend with fussy cuts and uncomfortable texture. Suzanne Betro is always about designing looks that look good and are easy to wear. The latest lace trend is in small doses and casual. This playful sage top pairs stripes with lace and takes you right into the magic of spring. When the weather gets warmer, look for casual lace tops like this charming floral lace yoke top (right), The circular lace details pair well with the bright florals and it’s a popular style at Suzanne Betro.  

Feeling Sexy

Everyone likes to feel sexy. Sometimes less is more in this department. We are talking about a little teaser. A pop of shoulder on this heather gray and lavender tunic  or subtle show of skin with this taupe sheer contrast scoop neck top should do the trick. 

Pretty Details

Lift your everyday clothes out of the ‘ordinary status’ by choosing clothes with special details. You can still look special lounging around the house with this sheer floral print kimono with fringes. Layer it over a simple white top and jeans for an effortless trendy look. If you’re searching for a wardrobe staple, choose something with subtle detailing, like this flattering white double v-neck tunic which pairs well with just about any pants. And it has an added detail of a surprise polka dotted tie at the back.  

Styles For 12 Days of Christmas!

By Julie Simpson

There still may be leaves on the trees, but many of us have already pulled out our Christmas boxes and have been busy decorating our homes with garland, lights, and festive accents! While this holiday season may look different for many of us, there is still plenty of joy to be had with our friends, families, and loved ones. From virtual holiday get-togethers to in-person celebrations, the joy and jubilation of the season is here. 

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

We know that the 2020 holiday season will look a bit different for so many of us. However, no matter how you plan to spend your holiday season – from in-person or sending love via video conference, our holiday gift guide is sure to please everyone on your nice list. For this year’s list, we have pulled together some of our more favorite “social media” personas to help guide you to find the perfect gifts for your friends and family. 

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The New Work Wear

By Julie Simpson

Many lonely pantsuits and blazers are hanging in closets across America right now. With so many companies offering employees the work from home option, office wear has become decidedly more relaxed and, in some cases, obsolete. While most in-person workplaces have some outlined dress code, the work from home uniform is still up for debate.

Fluctuating between working in the comfort of your pajamas to athleisure wear or just throwing on a fitted looking top for a conference call with clients – there are no spelled out rules for what you should wear while you work from home. And let’s face it. Your cat isn’t going to send you home for wearing comfortable athleisure or slouchy workwear.

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Fall’s trends

By Julie Simpson

The beginning of fall is here, bringing in a crispness of the air, falling leaves, pumpkin decor, and the transition from light and airy summer clothes to snuggly and warm fall clothes. At Suzanne Betro, Fall is one of our favorite seasons. Try our comfortable oversized sweaters paired with leggings for an afternoon with friends or one of our flirty dresses for that long-awaited date night. Just because the “new normal” may not be constant outings with friends, date nights with your partner, or the daily grind in the office – you still deserve to look fabulous and make the best out of your fall wardrobe.

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Designing Suzanne Betro’s collections

Love Suzanne Betro’s 4 collections? We catch up with the woman behind the styles, Minnie Yeh, Suzanne Betro Design Director USA.  

Tell us about yourself

Minnie: I immigrated to USA when I was young. I have always wanted to be a fashion designer.  As young as 6 year old, I would dress up my sister and have her paraded down the mock-shift runway. I think growing up in USA, being exposed to all kinds of cultures and a wide variety of points of views, really helped me as a designer as well as a businesswoman.

How do you balance work and family life?

Minnie: We live in a small community in the Pacific Northwest. (The Zulily HQ is located in Seattle) We moved here so I can be closer to my customers, yet still get to spend a lot of time with my family. I believe in living my life to the fullest, so I always give my 100%, whether is for work, or for my family.

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Spring Trends

We ask Minnie Yeh, Suzanne Betro USA Design Director, her thoughts about Spring 2020

What are your inspirations for Suzanne Betro’s spring collection?

Minnie: I am into Romance this spring.  There are so many sub-genres of romance (boho-romance, vintage romance, etc) and many different ways to present romance: lace, floral pattern, feminine sleeves, ruffles, color, billowy cuts that accentuate the feminine figure… I like to explore all the different angles.

What is your ultimate destination for spring? 

Minnie: I love places permeated with romantic excitement and mystery. Cities as cultural as Paris, gastronomical as Tuscany, fun-loving as Nashville, colorful as the Mexican Riviera…these are all on my list of romantic destinations.  

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10 Date outfits for 2020

Whether it’s that big valentine date, a tinder encounter or a casual group date night with friends, we’ve picked some date-ready outfits for you so you won’t have to spend your time pondering over what to wear.

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